Sunday, April 12, 2015

Juice Monster Ripper

Juice Monster Ripper and Khaos to me are two very mysterious products. There is very limited information regarding the two online about what they really are. Some say that the Ripper is a re-packaged M-80, while others say it is a reformulated M-80 and re-packaged M-80 which was originally designed to be sold on Australian and UK markets, and eventually found its way over here. I am leaning more towards the second one since there is a bit less juice than the original M-80 that was sold in Canada so I assume that the taste has slightly changed.


The aroma is veeery heavy on the guava with a mix of tropical fruits peaking right behind. The taste is primarily dominated by very sweet guava flavors, some pineapple and an unidentifiable mix of various tropical fruits. The sweetness is there from the start to the finish and it surprised me a little because I can't remember when was the last sugar-full Monster I had...must have been several years ago. 

The aftertaste is an interesting affair of flavors. It starts off with the guava, then transitions to a strong pineapple note, then back to guava with a hint of the original Monster cough syrup-like finish. 

To me Juice Monster Ripper seems like a better version of the old M-80 that was sold on the Canadian market. The sweetness has been dialed down just a tiny bit and the dominant original Monster flavor has been eliminated for the most parts. Either that or my tastes have changed radically over the past 6 years.


There are 152 mg of caffeine in the can, which is a little less than the original M-80. Seems like caffeine in Monster cans is going down little by little, while competitors are trying to pump even more caffeine into their drinks.

The effects are very quick thanks to the sugary nature of the drink. I felt a rush of jittery energy within 10-15 minutes of consuming a large portion of the can. The energy is perfect for physical work, but I had a bit of trouble focusing on mental work.

In another 15 minutes the caffeine had taken over and I was super energetic. My fingers were typing faster than my brain could think so I had to keep erasing words, correcting spelling mistakes, etc. Yup, this Monster is definitely good for more physical purposes.

The effects lasted for around 3 hours and I did feel a little tired at the end but since I had this can first thing in the morning, I still had plenty of energy in stock from last night's sleep. Had I had this later in the day, I probably would have crashed.

Cost - $3.19 from Target
Taste - 7.5/10
Energy - 7.8/10

Overall - 15.3/20...sweet and full of energy

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