Thursday, July 30, 2015

Lipton Sparkling Iced Tea Lemonade

Guys, I found the Lemonade! The missing piece to my Lipton Sparkling Iced Tea reviews puzzle. I bought this one from a WalMart somewhere in Maryland when I was down there a couple of months ago. I think I paid $0.99 for it.

This iced tea looks like an iced tea (color and all), but pours like a sparkling beverage (duh). Once the carbonation dies down you get a helping of freshly brewed tea aromas with a sweet lemon undertone.

The flavor starts off on a typical Lipton brewed tea base, but a medium-sour lemon comes in slow at first and then fast to take over. Initially the lemon is subtle, but it very quickly builds up a sour spike before giving way to the sweetened finish.

The finish is sweet at first, but the earthy tea notes help keep the sweetness from building up. Some lemon is also present adding some depth.

I love this lemonade. It is refreshing, has just the right amount of sweetness and the lemon/tea combo is a great one. Will definitely buy again from the US.

Cost - $0.99
Taste - 9.5/10

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Bleed Beet Juice

Will Bleed make you bleed? Yes...yes it will. Aside from one of the hardest drinks to search for online, what is Bleed? Bleed is beet juice...mixed with lemon juice...and some pomegranate juice. Bleed is supposedly good for you with a high level antioxidants and a bunch of other health benefits. Me? I just like beet juice.

OK, so where do you buy Bleed? I got a bottle from a health store in Montreal, right around the corner from my hotel. The price is not that high considering its uniqueness and health benefits - $3.49. Unfortunately I haven't seen Bleed outside of Montreal, but I am sure it is sold in some specialty stores.

Bleed smells like a pomegranate candy with very little of the beets on the nose. The flavor is exactly like the aroma - heavy on sour pomegranate with a candy-like not-too-sweet twist. There are no beet flavors until the aftertaste and even then, the beets are very, very subtle. The lemon comes near the end as well and gives the juice a long lasting clean finish.

I like it. I like it a lot. Man, I love this. Damn, I have to find this drink here.

Taste - 10/ it

Monday, July 27, 2015

Glucose After Alcohol No Limit

Glucose After Alcohol has to be one of the more interesting energy drinks I have come across lately. It has an incredibly eye-catching container and label design and I just can't help but wanting to hold the thick aluminium bottle. I found this at Starsky Foods in Mississauga and, just get ready for this, costs $5!!! Yup, $5 for a 250 mL bottle.


As indicated by the giant flag on the front of the label, this drinks comes to us from Switzerland. Based on the color of the liquid, I thought would be another Red Bull clone, but it is not. And my god, it could not be anymore different than a Red Bull.

The flavor is heavy on the lemons and very intense...and sour. My god, 20% of the contents is straight up lemon juice. This really wakes you up! But unlike straight up lemon juice, Glucose After Alcohol is very easy to drink thanks to the other ingredients. There is just enough sweetness in the bottle to keep you wanting to drink more, but there isn't enough to result in any sweetness build up. The ginseng is present and compliments the lemon flavor very nicely. The aftertaste is a combination of mellow lemon juice, ginseng, a hint of Swiss candy and some cola.

I am very impressed with this flavor. First, I did not expect it to be any different from Red Bull, and second, I didn't think I can drink something so lemon-potent, but both times I was wrong. The price is steep, but you have to try it if you can.


There are 32 mg of caffeine for every 100 mL. The bottle holds 250 mL so there are 80 mg of original. You see, this is another reason why I thought this would taste like a Red Bull. All the pointers were there.

Anyways, moving on. As the label says - "Best Help For Wake Up!", this drink will definitely wake you up and way before the sugar or the caffeine make their way into your system. Just that initial lemon hit was good enough for me to go from groggy to peppy and alert. The rest of the drink kicked in gradually over the next 20-25 minutes and I did not feel jittery, though my leg came very close to shaking on its own. The effects lasted for about an hour and a half and everything ended without a crash.

Cost - $5 from Starsky Foods in Toronto
Taste - 9/10
Energy - 6.3/10

Overall - 15.3/20...unique, lemony and expensive for here

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Monster Energy Unleaded

Monster Energy Unleaded does not have any caffeine! Zero! Zilch! Nada! OK, now with that out of the way, lets launch into this review.

Wait, why isn't there any caffeine? Well according to the story on the back of the can, the drink was designed for those who like the taste of Monster, want the boost, but are too sensitive to caffeine. The energy in this drink comes from a blend of herbs and vitamins which give you a boost the more traditional way...also there is quite a bit of sugar which also technically contains energy (scientifically speaking that is...and I am an actual scientist according to some expensive University in Canada).


Yup, this tastes like the good ol' Monster...except I think there is a bit more of a citric bite. It has been years since I have had a plain Monster with all these other, better flavors available everywhere.  If you like the normal Monster flavor, you will like this one. I guarantee it.


OK, so what is the deal here? Do these herbs work? In a word - yes. But in many words they don't work as well as the caffeine-full Monster. I felt fairly peppy while drinking this Monster and for a while after, but the boost didn't last too long.  On the plus side, the boost was very clean and even with all the sugar, I didn't feel as jittery as I do consuming the regular Monster.

So good thing? Yeah, I think so. If you are looking for that little bit of a boost at the end of the day and you still want to get some sleep, or are too caffeine sensitive, then yes, this is the perfect "energy" drink for you. However, if you are looking for the standard Monster boost, this drink is not for you.

Cost - $3.29 from somewhere in Maryland
Taste - 7.5/10 (not the biggest fan of regular Monster, but the flavor of this one is just like it)
Energy - 4/10 (the boost is pretty decent for a caffeine free "energy" drink, but I am looking at this from an energy drink perspective)

Overall - 11.5/20...the boost is decent for a caffeine-free "energy" drink

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Go Fast! Sports Lemonade

Technically, the name of this energy drink also includes "energy hybrid lime with stevia"...or is it "lemonade lime energy hybrid with stevia"? Why do designers still use this crappy multi-line wording? It is so hard to read it and make sense of it.


This does smell and taste like lemonade, but like a very cheap lemonade. It reminds me a lot of those effervescent lemon tablets that flooded the Eastern European market after the collapse of communism. You dissolve them in a glass of water as per the instructions, yet they taste a little watery and have an odd chemical twist. Well, this is what the base of this drink is like and there is a lime twist followed by a heavy stevia presence. The lemonade is sort of refreshing and drinkable, but other energy drinks have pulled off the lemonade flavor so much better.


With 150 mg of caffeine in the can, the effects are very similar to the other Go Fast! drinks so I will just recycle this portion of the review from another one:

The kick comes in quick and it is jittery. My body felt energized before my brain was awake. Not a good combination if you are doing mental work, but het, perfect for physical activities. Give it another 5-10 minutes and the brain will slowly start to wake up. Once the active ingredients have been absorbed, I got a good 3 to 4 hours of top notch energy and didn't experience a crash when it all died down.

Cost - $2.59
Taste - 6.5/10
Energy - 8.8/10

Overall - 15.3/20...chemical-like lemonade flavor, but a very good kick

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Base Tropical Storm Energy Drink

This is the last of my Base energy drinks that I found in Montreal. As I said in previous posts, I have not seen these energy drinks sold in Ontario or in any of the border states to the south.


As expected, "tropical storm" is another name for citrus. The liquid is toxic green in color and its aroma is heavy on the lime. The flavor? Same thing - it is almost entirely made of lime, except for the finish where you get a very nice lemon burst that lingers well into the aftertaste. Though there are 50 grams of sugar, there is no noticeable sweetness and the only thing that builds up is the sourness. Overall, pretty refreshing, but damn it is sour. Yeah - lemon/ ain't like a Mountain Dew.


With 160 mg of caffeine in the can, this Base energy drink is the same as all the other ones...soo, since I am so lazy and the effects are all the same, I will recycle some old text from another review.

the effects become apparent quickly thanks to all the sugar. I was awake and a little jittery within 5-10 minutes. In another 15-20 minutes, the jitters died down and I was fully wired.

Cost - 2 for $4
Taste - 7.9/10
Energy - 8.2/10

Overall - 16.1/20...very sour and refreshing with a decent kick

Monday, July 20, 2015

Base Energy Drink Blue Ice

You know how blue Monster is the sugar-free version of the regular Monster? Well, for the longest time I thought that this Base energy drink followed the same label logic, but it doesn't. This energy drink is actually blue in color...oh yeah.


The blue liquid has a sweet tropical smell and reminds me a lot of a blue Gatorade. The flavor starts off with a huge citric bite, followed by a very sweet blue Gatorade/tropical fruit blend and finishes on a medium citrus note. Very unique and very enjoyable. Also, though each sip is sweet, the sweetness never builds up to critical levels even after the entire can is consumed.


There are 160 mg of caffeine in the can and the effects become apparent quickly thanks to all the sugar. I was awake and a little jittery within 5-10 minutes. In another 15-20 minutes, the jitters died down and I was fully wired.

Overall, this is a unique and great tasting energy drink with an impressive kick. Unfortunately, I have only seen this drink for sale in Quebec and I don't go there very often.

Cost - 2 for $4
Taste - 9/10
Energy - 8.2/10

Overall - 17.2/20...unique taste, decent kick