Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Top 5 best tasting energy drinks

  1. Guru Juicy Superfruit - 10/10
  2. Beaver Buzz Citrus/Rockstar Super Sours Strawberry - 9.8/10
  3. NOS, V8 V-FusionFull Throttle Blue Demon, Jones Whoopass, Monster Rehab Orangeade, Guayaki Enlighted Mint - 9.5/10
  4. HyDrive Energy Alertness Formula, HyDrive Energy Antioxidant Formula, Monster Rehab, Rockstar Iced - 9.4/10
  5. Shockwave Orange Mango, AMP Energy Juice, Zhinergy Tropical Medley - 9.3/10
List is subject to change.


  1. Could you update this? I'm curious as to what you think now.

  2. Hey, I update this list every time I come across something new and worthy. I have found some decent caffeinated candies and gums, but no energy drinks since the last update.

  3. Try purple rockstar if you haven't already, it's sooo gooooood. easily my favourite drink.

  4. I realize this is your opinion, However seeing how your picks are extremely different than my preferred tastes:
    1.Original black can Full throttle" or new Yellow can.
    2.Tie NOZ - Loaded Cherry" and Original Blue NOZ can
    3.Shockwave Or Rip it - $1.00 a can(various flavors)
    4.Rockstar W Juice
    5. White can MONSTER, MONSTER Light blue, NEW REDBULL Flavors

    6+ AMP, BAWLZ, KRUNK, etc..