Monday, September 14, 2009

Beaver Buzz Citrus Energy Drink Review

Slowly I am coming across all the flavours Beaver Buzz has. Yesterday I saw Citrus Energy and picked it up for $1.99 CAD from NoFrills out of all places. The only flavour I have yet to try is the Green Melon one. It is the only one that comes in a 473 mL can, not the standard 355 mL sleek can.

A few weeks ago I really enjoyed the taste of NOS, today I think that it tastes like crap compared to this Beaver Buzz. I know the can says Citrus, but the taste is dominated by a tropical fruit flavour and there is a hint of citrus fruits. The sour taste is minimal and the citrus taste can be noticed more in the aftertaste. There is a slight bitter undertone in the immediate aftertaste, but it quickly goes away. Beaver Buzz Citrus Energy is also not as sweet as other fruit based energy drinks, which makes this a very enjoyable fruit based energy drink.

This can contains the standard Beaver Buzz amount of caffeine (the Green Tea one differs) - 188 mg. You might say that this is not as much as NOS, and you will be right, but if you were to calculate caffeine per mL of content, you will discover that Beaver Buzz actually contains more mg of caffeine/mL:
  • Beaver Buzz -> 188 mg/355 mL = 0.5296 mg/mL
  • NOS -> 250 mg/473 mL = 0.5285 mg/mL
Sure the difference is insignificant, but Beaver Buzz still contains more. Of course you would have to drink 1.33 cans of Beaver Buzz to get to 250 mg of caffeine, which will cost more than NOS, but you will have the 0.64 of a can left to get you all the way to 376 mg.

Cost - $1.99 CAD for a 355 mL can
Taste - 9.8/ fruit based energy drink taste benchmark
Energy - 8.3/10

Overall - 18.1/ tasting fruit based energy drink I have had yet

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