Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lost Five-O Energy Drink Review

About a month ago I was fooled into buying Lost Energy, which turned out to be a regular Monster in drag. A few days ago I picked up another flavour from the Lost energy drink series. This one is called Five-O and orange is the dominant color. I half expect this to taste exactly like Monster Khaos, which will make the Lost products a complete waste of shelf space because both times when I have bought Lost, there were Monster drinks. Unlike the previous Lost, I paid the standards $2.99 CAD for the can.

Lost Five-O is orange in color, surprise surprise, and cloudy. It does not taste exactly like Monster Khaos at first, but more like the regular Monster with some of the Khaos flavouring thrown in. The smell is overwhelmingly very Monster-like. I did say that it doesn't taste like Khaos at first because your mouth does not get the instant sweet, fruity taste it gets with Khaos, no. For this one, your mouth will warm up to it. You will need not drink even 100 mL before you realize that the taste is 99% identical to that of Khaos...perhaps even 100%. If I only had a Khaos with me to try a blind taste. Well, it tastes like tropical fruits - passion fruit and mango. The sweetness level is the same and there is the same standard Monster cough syrup undertone. The aftertaste is, once again, exactly like Khaos - sweet and a bit of tropical fruits, with a cough syrup note to it.

Now for the energy portion, where things change. Lost Five-O contains...wait for it...160 mg of caffeine, while Khaos only 150 mg. See, that is a colossal difference. What more should I say about the energy boost? It is just the standard one you get from a drink with 160 mg of caffeine - an hour or so of a lot of energy, followed by an hour or so of slowly losing the energy and a low, several hours after consuming the beverage.

Cost - $2.99 CAD for a can
Taste - 7.9/10...I have to give it the same as Khaos
Energy - 7.5/10...same thing again

Overall - 9.9/20...yes, I fail at math. This is just a waste of shelf space, but maybe I just don't understand how marketing works. I will not even going to comment on the idiotic name - 50% juice, which can also be read as five-o...cops...Hawaii Five-O...I get it, but it is just stupid

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