Monday, March 12, 2012

DynaPep Energy Berry Flavor Review

For years I have been wanting to try DynaPep, but never had the chance. I even e-mailed the company for samples without any luck. But one cold day on a shopping trip to Detroit, I found a bunch at a 7-11. Unfortunately they only had the new berry flavour and not the original one. Oh well, I was still happy with what I could find.

Though I have not reviewed any on this site, I have had micro shots before and I found them to be a bit too much for me. One I tried had 400 mg of caffeine squeezed into 5 mL. That was insane but surprisingly did not taste too bad.


Unlike the other micro shots I have had, which come in a small condiment-like packet, DynaPep comes in a pretty cool little plastic package with a twistable/breakable top.

The taste, as expected is, well, not this product's strongest suit. It is extremely bitter and it is comparable to eating caffeine powder or a crushed antibiotic tablet.

The berry flavour is noticeable, but you have to wait for all the bitterness to go away first. It took about 5 seconds for me once I squeezed the contents of the DynaPep container into my mouth. Once the bitterness is gone, the berry flavour is comparable to all other energy shot berry flavours on the market - unidentifiable berry mix with an artificial sweetener aftertaste. Unlike some berry flavour shots, there was a coconut note which started emerged about 10 minutes after I consumed the shot. Since this was my one and only drink of the morning, I assume the ingredients combined to form this flavour. Nice finish, even if it is accidental.

This doesn't taste good, but that's not the point of a micro shot. Its point is to work. So does it work? Keep on reading to find out (or skip to the scoring).


Unlike some of the stronger micro shots I have tried (the 400 mg of caffeine in 5 mL), this one contains 100 mg of caffeine. So how does that work? Pretty damn good to be honest!

Within minutes (not 10 or 15) I felt a jolt and just woke up. My mind cleared up and I became very focused and calm. Premium energy shots don't even work this fast. This calm and focused period lasted for about 30-35 minutes when I started to feel the effects of the caffeine. There were no jitters, but I could definitely feel the effects - felt peppier and wanted to get my day started - brew day at home!

Though the package advertises 10 hours of energy, I got about 4-5 hours out of it, which is still very good. Normally, I get no more than about 3-4 hours out of other energy shots and drinks. Also, there was no crash at the end.

All in all, if you can stomach the bitterness, this micro shot works great!

Cost - $2.99 for 1 or $5 for 2
Taste - 2/10 (this should be almost irrelevant)
Energy - 9/10

Overall - 9/10...I am not including the taste rating since it will bring the overall score down to barely a pass

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