Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Quick Beverages Sleep Review

It has been a while since I have tried and reviewed an anti-energy beverage so I decided to pick up one of the many sleep aids I found at the local 7-11 "pharmacy" isle. This little shot retails for $3.49 and should be available in most 7-11 at the time of writing this review. I know this for a fact because I have seen it at every 7-11 in the area - about 4 in total.

Also, apologies for the photo. My lightbox was put away for a while, it was late at night and all I had was my phone.


By the smell of this you would have no idea what it is supposed to taste like. To me it smelled like an old, cheap steeped tea. The kind you get at convenience stores or greasy diners...with some lemon squeezed to try and mask the blandness.

The taste is actually a lot better than the aroma and that's more important. It tastes like a berry tea where one of the berries is wild and gives the entire concoction a nice sour kick which helps not only with the taste, but also with the aftertaste. There is an herbal/woody undertone which gives the shot an enjoyable back and doesn't impact the flavour negatively. Though this is a sugar free shot, there is barely any trace of an artificial sweetener in the aftertaste. Perhaps due to the sourness.

Overall, pretty decent flavour but something should definitely be done about the aroma.


I consumed the entire bottle just about 20 minutes before going to bed...not to sleep, just to bed with a book. The label recommends the full bottle for a maximum sleep effect or half the bottle for a moderate sleep effect.

The active blend contains 413 mg of valerian root, lemon balm and melatonin - pretty standard ingredients.

The effects are noticeable within about 10 minutes and they start off slowly. The initial effect is very similar to drinking a big mug of chamomile tea - just a relaxed feel. Within another 5 minutes your eyelids start to feel heavy, but you can easily fight the urge to fall asleep. I did for a while, but eventually I gave in and fell asleep.

This is not the strongest drink and though it will make you feel tired and eventually make you sleep, I felt like you can fight off the urge easily and probably stay up until the effects disappear. By comparison, this is a bit stronger than a Marley, but weaker than many other anti-energy drinks available on the market.

Cost - $3.49 from 7-11
Taste - 9/10
Performance - 7.7/10

Overall - 16.7/20...great tasting and performing anti-energy shot. Don't consume if you are not planning on sleeping, though


  1. pretty sure thieres phenibut in there..hate the stuff

  2. Where can I buy this? Any online resource?

    1. Used to be at 7-11. Amazon sells this nowadays.

  3. I tried this after a couple of nights of being awake until 3 am and ended being awake until 4am. So not much help to me I'm afraid.

  4. I have purchased this and now am a little worried to take it, wiill it make me withdraw from my opiate trratment program ,i am a medically diagnosed insomniac,i need to know if it has a "narcan" efect to subbstances used for pain, such as morphine. 4+ different types of benzos for everthing I Plead with my doctors for ,i know from being on them ,i got a full stop .take diazepam instead aftrr I've been succeeding ok for two years on xanax but this change has nearly killed me ....i have to buy it on the street $5 2 $10 dollars each! if sleep works like zanax you will have a life customer if not i prey you can make some drink for Benzo and or opiate withdrawals .I Wish this so we can be set free again and go back to a normal life not being sick n tired contemplating suicide .Please make us a "sleep " drink that will combat this thank you for your time Mr Nathanial Tinker

  5. So initially after taking this I got chronic reflux. After half an hr i was still awake hugging the toilet bowl while I vomited most of it up, and my dinner. Not long after that it was the stomach cramps that kept me awake. After nearly 2 hours i was quite sleepy but due to the fact I was unable to venture far from the toilet due to diohrea I couldn't get to sleep. Now I am compleatly empty I am still unable to sleep. Would seriously think twice about trying this