Monday, March 5, 2012

Street King Orange Mango Energy Shot Review

Here is the second flavour of the two Street King energy shots that went on sale recently. It is refreshing to see that one of the flavours is not a main stream one like "tropical fruits", or just "citrus", or "fruit punch".

The aroma coming out of that shot is simply delicious. The taste is mellow and just as great. The mango flavour is dominant throughout and the orange emerges only towards the end to give it a cleansing, sour finish.

The aftertaste is a bid odd. After drinking half the shot, I took a minute long pause, during which time a coconut taste developed and lingered for a while. I am not sure if this is on purpose or if it is just a strange result of the ingredients, but it is unique and pretty damn good.

The usual sweetener taste can also be found in the aftertaste, as well as tiny remnants of the orange and mango flavour combo.

I liked this shot much better than the grape one I tried a few days ago, which I thought was a bit watery tasting. The mango flavour is smooth and the orange gives the shot the sour kick it needs to end on a refreshing note.


Just like the grape energy shot, this one has 464 mg of active ingredients which act quickly to pep you up and then provide a 15-20 minute long period of calmness and focus before the caffeine kicks in.

The energy is clean, and though, it doesn't last for 6 hours (at least not for me), it provides a very nice 4 hours long boost without a crash at the end.


Cost - unsure
Taste - 9/10
Energy - 8/10

Overall - 17/20...smooth, delicious flavour with an excellent boost


  1. As a very active person I sometimes need a lift that a cup of coffee can't give. Street king energy shot is the one for me. It tastes great and gives me the energy and focus I need.

    But the coolest thing about this product is that every time I purchase a Street King Energy Shot I feed one hungry child.

    To date I have fed over 100 kids and you can to! GIVE IT A SHOT! SK ! JUST FED A KID TODAY!

  2. Curious how these would compare to a shot i saw it Wal-Mart, Eternal Energy shot. Looks like its new, but I know they cost a lot less and they didn't taste bad. Maybe you could do a review on it? Thx

    1. If I see it, I will get one and review it. Unfortunately the Wal-Marts in Canada carry a very limited caffeine selection.