Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Street King Grape Energy Shot Review

If you didn't already know this, the person behind this energy shot is 50 Cent himself. If you don't believe me, pick up a shot and check out the back of the label. You don't even have to read it because you will be staring at 50's photo. Following the success of Vitamin Water, I can only expect good things from this new line of energy shots. At the time of this review, there are only 2 flavours, but knowing 50, I expect more flavours to come out soon.

The energy shot comes in a pretty cool black bottle, which may look and feel like a normal energy shot bottle, it is not. It is 74 mL, making it just a tad taller and a tad wider than the regular 60 mL. It also has a wider opening making it much easier to transfer the caffeine from the container to your mouth.


I decided to try the grape flavour first, simply because it was closest to me. The shot smells like a cream grape soda with more of the cream part and a little less of the grape part. The taste is rather light and the grape flavour is very subtle. There is no sourness or bitterness to the shot which makes this very easy to drink. The aftertaste has the typical sweetener note accompanying the shot's grape flavour.

The light taste makes this shot forgettable once you consume it, but that might be a good thing for those who just want to get a boost and not have a long lasting aftertaste to remind them what they just drank.

I noticed a bit of a plastic taste at during my first sip. The taste came in at the start and lingered to the initial stages of the aftertaste. It was a bit of a turn off at first, but the subsequent sips didn't have any of this. Either that or perhaps the one sip was enough to get used to the taste.


This is my favourite part of the review - the energy boost. Street King has a 464 mg energy blend which contains malic acid, caffeine, sodium citrate and citicoline. I am not sure exactly how much of it is purely caffeine, but the label states that the caffeine content is comparable to a cup of premium coffee.

So does it work? Yes, of course. I got a very nice boost within 15 minutes of consuming the shot and like many of the new, premium energy shots, this one started off with a focus boost which lasted for about 20 minutes. This may not sound like a boost, but I did feel a bit more awake and more alert, yet calm enough to focus on my work.

The rush didn't start coming until about 35-40'th minute and it came with a bang. Without feeling jittery, I started to feel very energized and was ready to get up and run around.

Sadly, the boost did not last for 6 hours, but it gave me solid 4 hours without a crash at the end.

Cost - not sure, got a bunch of samples
Taste - 7/10
Energy - 8/10

Overall - 15/20...light tasting, premium energy

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