Tuesday, February 21, 2012

VItal 4U Liquid Energy Review

When I was in Detroit I came across this interesting energy shot in a convenient package. Unlike some of the bigger (double) shots I picked up, this one is only 15 mL and comes in a very slim pack.


Tastes like a concentrated shot of coffee with some hazelnuts, some added sugar and a different kind of bitterness, not coffee bitterness. I was a bit surprised by this bitterness having noticed lately that the newer energy shots work very hard to mask the taste of the energy ingredients. On the other hand, though, this shot is only 15 mL and I assume it is much harder to mask the bitterness in such a small package.

Lets talk about the aftertaste. The aftertaste transitions through a few stages. The immediate aftertaste is sort of a mix between coffee with Bailey's. Yes, there is a bit of an alcoholic note to it. This, then, transitions to just a sweet coffee aftertaste, which then transitions to just a very sweet, slightly creamy aftertaste. Not surprising when you see that half of the package is essentially sugar.


There are 2,000 mg of ginseng in the shot, but there is also added caffeine and I am sure this is where the kick comes from.

The kick is pretty damn good. I felt awake and a bit jittery within 10 minutes of consuming this and I didn't experience the usual calm/focused period many of the newer energy shots deliver before the caffeine gets absorbed.

The energy was pretty awesome and lasted for a couple of hours before leaving me with a tiny crash.

I have had ginseng drinks before and I don't remember experiencing the same effects as this shot. I usually get a more natural boost and cleaner energy (without jitters). With this, though, I got a lot more. The added caffeine and sugar do change things...a lot.

Overall, this small package is a great alternative to the regular and larger energy shots, delivering similar performance. If you are looking for that instant boost, this could be the shot for you.

Cost - $2.69
Taste - 6/10
Energy - 8/10

Overall - 14/20...OK taste with an almost instant boost

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  1. Thanks for the review. How do you feel the Liquid Energy compares to other energy drinks?