Sunday, April 14, 2013

Monster Energy M3 Super Concentrate Review

Next to Monster's Ubermonster, this bottle looks lilliputian. However, the same amount of caffeine is present in both sizes so ultimately it is up to you to choose how you want to consume the caffeine - a quick "shot" or sip out of a bottle for 20-30 minutes.

Also, this is a twist off...or at least that was the original idea, but the fact is that it was impossible for me to twist the cap off. I used my shirt, my jeans, and it just could not come off. It is not as easy as a bottle of beer, so, I strongly recommend you use a bottle opener.


This tastes just like the regular Monster. Duuuh! The only different thing is how sweet and intense the flavour is. Hey, you gotta mask the 160 mg of caffeine in a volume that is 1/3 of the normal size somehow. Other than that, there are no other notable characteristics. And yes, it is also carbonated.


The effects are somewhere between those of a shot and an energy drink. This is small enough to be gulped down in several gulps giving you full access to the 160 mg of caffeine right at the start. Or, you can sip this over a period of time due to its intense sweetness and gain gradual access to the sugar and caffeine.

Once in your system, it takes a few minutes for the sugar to kick in, giving you a quick burst of slightly jittery energy. Soon the caffeine kicks in and get a ton of unfocused energy for a few hours followed by a mild crash if you had this first thing in the morning like I did. For me, if I have such a drink in the afternoon or the evening, the crash is much more severe due to my lack of physical energy later on in the day.

Bottom line is if you like the taste of Monster, but didn't enjoy their energy shots before, this is the closest you will come to getting 160 mg of caffeine without compromising the taste.

Cost - $3.49 from a Meijer gas station
Taste - 7/10
Energy - 8/10

Overall - 15/20...tastes like the regular Monster and works the same way too

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