Monday, October 15, 2012

Monster Ubermonster Energy Brew Review

I finally got my hands on one. I got this from a gas station at the Detroit-Windsor tunnel$4.99 I believe, or somewhere in that field. I was surprised at how big this bottle is. I have seen photos of it in the past, but never really imagined it that big. This is a 500 mL bottle, which is about as wide as a regular can of Monster, but tall enough to accommodate the narrow top and the extra bit of liquid.

Warning: this is not a twist-off cap. Also, be prepared to spend some time opening this cap since the cap is so large that most bottle openers do not fit. If you wish to brutalize the cap, you will have to use a piercing bottle opener and bend the cap in half. If you wish to keep it, get a fork/knife and gently try lifting the base of the cap all around until it is loose enough. Yep, saved the cap with very little damage.


The brew tastes like a blend of a regular Monster, Monster Import and Monster Nitrous Black Ice. There is still quite a bit of the standard Monster flavour, however, it is much creamier, a bit less carbonated and the sweetness is more candy-like. Unfortunately there are traces of cough syrup notes. 


The energy blend in the bottle contains 5,000 mg of active ingredients. The label doesn't say how much caffeine there is and the Internet also doesn't have an answer so I gauged this beverage to have, from personal experience, anywhere between 160 mg of caffeine (standard can of Monster) to about 200 mg. The kick snuck up on me since I did not experience any jitters and was not prepared for the wave of energy. It came within 20 minutes and was fantastic. The boost was clean and provided me with energy for about 4 hours and there was a very tiny crash at the end.

Cost - $4.99
Taste - 7/10...I think my tastes are changing since I didn't like these too much in the past
Energy - 8/10

Overall - 15/ package, but tastes a lot like the regular Monster

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