Sunday, October 18, 2009

Zhinergy Tropical Medley Goji Energy Drink Review

Last week I got the other Zhinergy flavour. Earlier I thought the orange color meant that this would be an orange based drink, but it turned out to be tropical based. Now what is Goji? According to the most reliable source on the interwebs, Goji is a type of berry which is used in traditional Chinese medicine. The berry also contains carbohydrates, protein, fat, dietary fiber and vitamins C and B2. Well, surprise, surprise, unlike the other Zhinergy flavour (Apple Berry Pomegranate), this one actually contains some proteins - 0.4g to be exact. Not a lot, but some is better than none, eh?

This one smells great, like those thick, European tropical fruit juices. What's even better is that it also tastes like those juices. This is a fantastic blend of orange, pineapple and passion-fruit. The back of the label says that there are other juices, but these are the dominant ones. The immediate finish is pineapple dominant, but the taste soon clears and some sour orange/lemon taste comes in. No plastic taste in this one. I should get a second bottle of the other Zhinergy from a different location to confirm whether or not the beverage actually has a slight plastic taste. This one, however, has a fantastic taste and makes for a great morning drink.

The drink is said to have the same caffeine content as the other Zhinergy - "one coffee"... whatever that means. Earlier I interpreted this to mean 1 Canadian cup of coffee or 146 mg of caffeine according to Wolfram Alpha. Whatever the actual caffeine content is, it works OK. It gave me enough energy to wake up in the morning and do some work. It carried me through to lunch - around 3 hours after drinking this.

Cost - $2.99 CAD from 7-11
Taste - 9.3/10
Energy - 7.4/10

Overall - 16.7/'s like drinking a tasty juice and getting a nice energy boost

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