Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Starbucks Doubleshot Energy White Chocolate Review


I picked this up fully expecting it to be just a white chocolate drink, but when I looked at the back of the label I learned that this is Starbucks' coffee with added white chocolate and a bit of dark chocolate. Excellent, because can you imagine how sweet a white chocolate drink would be?

The iced coffee starts off a bit sweet and creamy with fair amount of chocolate up front, but soon after comes the coffee flavour, which is strong at first and easily manages to subdue the sweeter chocolate. Give it a few sips and you will notice the chocolate sweetness slowly starting to build up and overpower the coffee taste. Halfway through the can even the bitter-at-first aftertaste starts to turn sweet. Shortly after the mid point I noticed that I had hit an equilibrium and sweetness stopped building up. I had reached an enjoyable plateau of flavour which will make this drink appealing to those who like Starbucks' sweet mochas.

Overall this particular white chocolate infused coffee seems smoother overall when compared to similar Starbucks drinks and just a tiny bit sweeter.


All active ingredients have their quantities listed except for caffeine. Weird. A quick Internet search shows that the caffeine is at 146 mg, which seems a bit too low to me if this was really made with real coffee. Just yesterday I had an iced coffee which was in a 240 mL can and contained 135 mg of caffeine.

Anyways, the kick comes in within 15-20 minutes and feels like a sugary rush at first with a minimal amount of jitters. The rest of the kick, leading up to the real caffeine kick, is gradual and you slowly begin to feel more alert and energized. The drink gave me about a 2.5-3 hour boost and ended without a crash.

Cost - $2.49
Taste - 8/10
Energy - 7.7/10

Overall - 15.7/20...smooth and sweet with an OK kick

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