Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Monster Rehab Review

That's right, the semi-new Monster Rehab is in Canada! OK, at least in Ontario. Walking home from the nearest pub I walked into a Hasty Market to get something to drink and there it was nestled among all the other Monsters, Rockstars and Full Throttles. It didn't jump out at first because it does look a lot like Monster's Anti-gravity, but just a bit larger. Browsing I also noticed that Rockstar rebranded their pomegranate energy drink, but I didn't think buying a new can for the label was worth it


Holy crap is this delicious and refreshing. It is like a splash of cold water on a humid day...if you have been drinking a lot and your mouth is dry and you are dehydrated.

The taste reminds me a lot of the original Rockstar Recovery, except it is a bit sweeter and comes with a very faint Monster cough syrup candy-like tone which doesn't really pop out until well into the aftertaste. There is also a touch of honey which appears and disappears towards the finish.

The drink also differs as it seems like it is heavier on the lemonade which gives the drink a very refreshing, a touch sour, kick. The tea creates a very nice, mildly earthy base which offsets some of the sweetness and prevents some of the sugary build up.


Though the label doesn't explicitly state the amount of caffeine present in the can, the energy blend is 3,207.5 mg. I started to feel refreshed and energized almost instantly thanks to the refreshing lemon kick, but the real burst of energy didn't start to come until about 15-20 minutes after the first gulp.

The kick came in very gradually and because there is very little sugar, I did not experience any jitters or odd effects. As the caffeine was slowly being absorbed I also started to feel well hydrated and was no longer experiencing cotton mouth.

After another 20 minutes I was feeling excellent and ready to start enjoying my day off...by working from home. I felt so good I did a ton of work and stayed focused the entire time. The kick lasted for several hours and fortunately there was no crash at the end.

Overall this is a fantastic drink which gives Rockstar Recovery a run for it money.

Cost - $3.49
Taste - 9.4/10
Energy - 8/10

Overall - 17.4/20...fantastic "new" energy drink from Monster. I cannot wait to try their next new product

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