Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Worx Energy Original Formula Review

Recently I started to see these energy shots by the cash register at almost every gas station. At first, I didn't even think to try them as they seemed sort of unappealing, but after a while I decided to give them a shot.

Worx Energy comes in two varieties - Original Formula and Extra Strength. They each cost $2.99 and only differ in color.


The label doesn't say anywhere what this is supposed to taste like, which I think is a pretty good strategy.

The shot smells like sour berries and tastes like a berry/sour cherry combination. There is quite a bit of sourness which manages to cover the energy ingredients bitterness while consuming the shot. However, as soon as the sourness starts to fade away, some bitterness appears. This is especially noticeable in the aftertaste.

There is a bit of a slimy, soapy mouth-feel but that goes away shortly after you swallow the sip. Since this is a zero calorie shot, there is an artificial sweetener taste which comes in the aftertaste and lasts for a while but never gets too intense.

Overall this tasted a bit better than I expected thanks to the high level of sourness.


There are 200 mg of caffeine in this shot, which is much more than I expected because in my mind I was already comparing this to a 5-hour energy shot.

I got an instant jolt from just how sour this thing is, but the real effects don't start to show themselves until about 15-20 minutes in. At the 15 minute mark I felt starting to wake up. At the 20 minute mark I felt a torrent of energy without any of the jitters. Even though I was very energized, I also felt focused. I love energy shots which give me this feel even if it is for a short duration of time.

The caffeine kicked in about another 15-20 minutes later and it was good. I felt well energized but not jittery or hyper for a while and then just very focused on work. Overall the boost lasted for 3-4 hours and was clean. The end was without a crash so my afternoon went by pretty good as well.

Cost - $2.99
Taste - 6.9/10
Energy - 8.8/10

Overall - 15.7/20...very sour with a very nice kick


  1. Very good review and pretty much spot on. I tried Worx Extra Strength - it kicked in literally within 5 minutes and kept focused and energized for quite a while. Didn't notice other impacts (like, caffeine, etc.) but then maybe it's because I've been focused on work more.

    Am pretty happy overall.

  2. I personly do not like the energy drink. It made me feel faint about 25 minutes after i drank it. And it doesn't last the four to six hours it lasts about one hour. I do not care for worx energy drink.

    1. The effects do depend on the user in some cases. Some people are very caffeine sensitive, while others may have a high tolerance and need more to feel the effect.

      The feeling faint part could be due to a weak system. If you really felt faint you should consult a physician. No, this is not a joke.