Thursday, January 12, 2012

Jones Whoopass Energy Drink Review

Upon my return from Australia, I walked over to the nearest Hasty Market to see if anything new has come out during my trip. Well, lucky me! Jones' Whoopass is now for sale in Canada. How do I know that? There is both English and French on the can! For $3, taxes in, you can get a 473 mL can, or for $5 (taxes in) you can get 2. I have been looking forward to trying a Jones energy drink for a while now and now that I finally have found one, I am super excited.


Wow, the taste is pretty bad ass. It definitely has Jones' signature flavour touch. I was expecting a Red Bull clone, but as soon as I popped the tab open, a burst of grape notes hit my nose. The taste is a mix between a slightly creamy white grape, various berries (raspberries, some blueberries) and apple with a lot more flavours coming and going while you are sipping on the drink. The aftertaste is where this drink really shines - it is crisp with a lingering fruity taste without any of the sweetness. It is absolutely amazing and very refreshing. The only complaint I have is the dry mouth it left me with at the end.

This isn't something I was expecting from this drink, but I was absolutely blown away.


This thing not only tastes great, but it also contains 195 mg of caffeine (plus whatever else from the extracts). I felt the effects within 10 minutes and even though I didn't experience any jitters, the energy hit me like an avalanche. At one point I was feeling lazy on the couch on a Wednesday afternoon during my winter vacation, a moment later I was ready to leave the house and do things I have been postponing this holiday season. I felt focused, yet energized, and again - no jitters. This drink kept surprising me. I am so happy I can purchase this in Canada now.

Of course, like everything else, there comes an end at one point. I didn't feel the energy starting to leaving until about 3-4 hours later when it hit me all of the sudden. Yep, I felt the crash. I don't think that it was entirely due to the drink, though. It was evening time and I was out doing stuff all afternoon/evening after I consumed this energy drink. Had I consumed this first thing in the morning, I would have probably felt just fine, or just a little lazy at the end of the energy wave.

Still, this is an absolutely brilliant energy drink. Best one I had in months.

Cost - $3 for 1 or $5 for 2 (promotion)
Taste - 9.5/10
Energy -  9/10

Overall - 18.5/ of the best energy drinks, if not the best energy drink you can buy in Ontario right now

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