Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mother Extra Energy Big Shot Review

Saw this little can and decided to have it on the go during one of our Melbourne tours. I am not quite sure what to call this - an energy drink or an energy shot. It is about half the size of an energy drink and about two times larger than an energy shot. The price doesn't help me decide either - $2.39 - right between that of a small energy drink and a regular shot.


I was expecting something unique, but what I was greeted by was the typical red bull aroma and taste. Unlike the regular Mother, this was a bit crisper and a lot like a Red Rain.


Here is where I got a bit disappointed. I know it says big shot, but this can contains only 48 mg of caffeine!!! This gave me a quick and short burst of energy and not much more. It barely lasted for 30-40 minutes...once it kicked in. Because of this, I will definitely call this an energy drink...or perhaps half of one. 

For the price, I strongly recommend spending the extra $0.30 - $0.60 and getting a full size Mother energy drink. The only reason I can think of you should buy this Big Shot is if you are caffeine sensitive, and are still looking for a bit of a boost...and don't like the taste of Coke.

Cost - $2.39
Taste - 8.3/10
Energy - 3/10

Overall - 11.3/20...not quite the extra energy I was looking for

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