Sunday, April 19, 2015

Rockstar Organic Review

Well, here is something new from Rockstar with a completely different look and feel. When I was picking up a bunch of new energy drinks on my trip to Buffalo, I almost missed this one because the label just didn't register. The huge "ORGANIC" word on the side made me curious, so I picked up a can to explore...and then I saw the Rockstar logo! Yes! Another new energy drink to try.


I love the aroma! It is completely dominated by passion fruit with a blend of sweet and mellow mix of other tropical fruits and guarana. The taste is not bad, but a bit of a let down as I was expecting intense passion fruit and sweet tropical fruits, but what I got instead was earthy green coffee (which I don't truly mind), guarana and a hint of yerba mate (must be a byproduct from the green coffee and guarana blend).

Hmm, no tropical fruits in the flavor. There is some passion fruit in the finish which lingers well into the aftertaste providing a refreshing character, but there just isn't any of the typical tropical fruit flavor that I was expecting.

The cane sugar is a nice addition and though there are 46 grams of sugar in the can, it doesn't feel intensely sweet, nor is there any sticky sweetness or build up of it. The cane sugar provides a very distinct sweet note to the earthy "tropical" notes, which I personally liked.

I personally love the earthy and musky notes the green coffee beans and guarana add, but I highly doubt that consumers will like, especially since this is advertised as having an island fruit flavor and there really isn't any of that.

I see this as a "love-it" or "hate-it" product. I am in the "love-it" category because I do enjoy the earthy flavors of green coffee and guarana, and beverages with more of a subtle flavor. Also, I am a sucker for passion fruit and the aroma of Rockstar Organic is killer.


There are 160 mg of caffeine in the can. Note that the label says "80 mg per serving", but since there are 2 servings per can, that adds up to 160 mg total.

I started to feel the effects within 10 minutes. I felt more awake and even started to feel focused. Though there are 46 grams of sugar, I experienced no jitters which is probably due to the nature of the cane sugar, and I felt intensely focused for a good 30-40 minutes.

The energy kicked in gradually over the next 20 minutes and it felt very clean for the next 3 hours. There were no jitters, no heart racing, no desires to run around in circles burning energy. It was clean, like a high end "craft" energy drink. Everything ended without a crash too.

Overall, I found Rockstar Organic to be a supercharger version of Starbuck's Refreshers with its similar green coffee bean flavor and clean, but better, energy kick. I loved this taste, but I know that it will not appeal to everyone.

Cost - $3.19 from a gas station in Buffalo
Taste - 8.8/10
Energy - 8.2/10

Overall - 17.2/20..."love-it" or "hate-it" kind of a drink with a very clean kick


  1. Well, I wrote out a comment and it didn't post. Short and sweet I agree with everything you've said. Love the aroma and the earthiness. The drink felt clean and that's important to me compared to the more popular ones that make my stomach hurt sometimes. I'd give this one 18.5/20. Found at Holiday Station in Anchorage, AK.


  3. I love this drink. I'm glad it doesn't have "intense passion fruit flavor" because when soft drink companies make it so, it's usually too sweet or too fake tasting. This one is just right and mixes very well with liquor. I suppose you're right, though. Mass produced food and drink companies assume Americans have no sense of subtlety when it comes to taste and many Americans don't. I hope this is changing with products like this.

    1. Amen. I like this drink now more than I did back then. It just gets so much better.

  4. Best energy drink ever. Target is selling them 4 for 5 bucks. They are powerful. I only need a half can per day. They totally replace Starbucks refresher. I was paying 4.45 for those. What a beautiful price difference.

  5. these are great. I avoid artificial sweeteners so I don't mind the sugar at all. The best organic or healthy type energy drink I have ever tried

  6. Right away i tasted mango and another fruit i couldnt place and when I read passion fruit I was like "Oh! For sure!" but you said no other fruits were tasted, I can easily taste and spot the mango and I LOVE the green coffee bean flavor. I felt the energy within 5 mins and as you said no jitters but very focused energy. Going to buy it when I can for my late night gaming.

  7. I love this energy drink, actually it's the only one I drink!
    I was lucky enough to find a case of 24 at Costco for only $23.49
    About a dollar a piece after CRV!

    1. I agree and will be looking for it at Costco, thanks!

  8. Personally I absolutely love the flavor. I've tried most of the other RS variations and was not impressed but they hit the ball out of the park with this one! Instead of taking an already used flavor and just tweaking it a little they found a refreshingly new path to take. 10/10 imo 👍

  9. I love this energy drink. I have replace redbull with this organic energy beverage.

  10. When I had this late last year, I thought it tasted like coffee and pineapple.

  11. Wow, have you all fried your taste buds? I think this site is Rockstar employees...
    This stuff taste like rotten celery! In the gutter it went.