Saturday, April 30, 2016

V8 Fusion Energy Orange Pineapple Energy Drink

How I envy those in the US. You guys have access to V8 energy drinks literally everywhere. And all the flavors!!! And so cheap! I like V8 energy drinks so much that I have a standing order with anyone travelling south of the border to get me at least a 6 pack...preferably several.


This new V8 I picked up has an incredible aroma pineapple, carrot, apple, orange, tea aroma that keeps unveiling a new scent each time you stick your nose in it. It was so hard safeguarding a can of this stuff for a review.

The flavor is unreal! There is pineapple and sweet carrots at the start (the carrots are fairly mild and they boost the flavor) and mildly tart orange and tea at the end towards the finish. The aftertaste does have a very slight artificial sweetener-like note to it, but it also has traces of mild green tea and pineapple. The blend of flavors creates for such a mild, lingering and enjoyable finish that you just want to keep drinking it.


There are 80 mg of caffeine and the effects are like any other V8 - not too jittery, followed by a brief period of calmness and focus, followed by 1.5-2 hour long caffeine kick without the crash.

Cost - $5.99 for a 6 pack
Taste - 9.5/10
Energy - 6/10

Overall - 15.5/20...fresh, enjoyable, smooth, delicious

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