Monday, July 27, 2015

Glucose After Alcohol No Limit

Glucose After Alcohol has to be one of the more interesting energy drinks I have come across lately. It has an incredibly eye-catching container and label design and I just can't help but wanting to hold the thick aluminium bottle. I found this at Starsky Foods in Mississauga and, just get ready for this, costs $5!!! Yup, $5 for a 250 mL bottle.


As indicated by the giant flag on the front of the label, this drinks comes to us from Switzerland. Based on the color of the liquid, I thought would be another Red Bull clone, but it is not. And my god, it could not be anymore different than a Red Bull.

The flavor is heavy on the lemons and very intense...and sour. My god, 20% of the contents is straight up lemon juice. This really wakes you up! But unlike straight up lemon juice, Glucose After Alcohol is very easy to drink thanks to the other ingredients. There is just enough sweetness in the bottle to keep you wanting to drink more, but there isn't enough to result in any sweetness build up. The ginseng is present and compliments the lemon flavor very nicely. The aftertaste is a combination of mellow lemon juice, ginseng, a hint of Swiss candy and some cola.

I am very impressed with this flavor. First, I did not expect it to be any different from Red Bull, and second, I didn't think I can drink something so lemon-potent, but both times I was wrong. The price is steep, but you have to try it if you can.


There are 32 mg of caffeine for every 100 mL. The bottle holds 250 mL so there are 80 mg of original. You see, this is another reason why I thought this would taste like a Red Bull. All the pointers were there.

Anyways, moving on. As the label says - "Best Help For Wake Up!", this drink will definitely wake you up and way before the sugar or the caffeine make their way into your system. Just that initial lemon hit was good enough for me to go from groggy to peppy and alert. The rest of the drink kicked in gradually over the next 20-25 minutes and I did not feel jittery, though my leg came very close to shaking on its own. The effects lasted for about an hour and a half and everything ended without a crash.

Cost - $5 from Starsky Foods in Toronto
Taste - 9/10
Energy - 6.3/10

Overall - 15.3/20...unique, lemony and expensive for here

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