Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Bleed Beet Juice

Will Bleed make you bleed? Yes...yes it will. Aside from one of the hardest drinks to search for online, what is Bleed? Bleed is beet juice...mixed with lemon juice...and some pomegranate juice. Bleed is supposedly good for you with a high level antioxidants and a bunch of other health benefits. Me? I just like beet juice.

OK, so where do you buy Bleed? I got a bottle from a health store in Montreal, right around the corner from my hotel. The price is not that high considering its uniqueness and health benefits - $3.49. Unfortunately I haven't seen Bleed outside of Montreal, but I am sure it is sold in some specialty stores.

Bleed smells like a pomegranate candy with very little of the beets on the nose. The flavor is exactly like the aroma - heavy on sour pomegranate with a candy-like not-too-sweet twist. There are no beet flavors until the aftertaste and even then, the beets are very, very subtle. The lemon comes near the end as well and gives the juice a long lasting clean finish.

I like it. I like it a lot. Man, I love this. Damn, I have to find this drink here.

Taste - 10/ it

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