Thursday, July 9, 2009

Rockstar Roasted Coffee & Energy, Mocha Review

OK, I got this a couple of days ago, but here are a couple of words on what thought of it:

At $3.49 it is not the cheapest energy drink, but the store didn't have Monster Java. It reminds me of eating tiramisu as the beverage is very sweet...VERY sweet. The label clearly says Mocha, but comparing it to some other iced coffees that are supposed to taste like mochas, this one probably one of the sweetest ones. The milk powder is probably the one thing I was able to taste the most. The coffee flavour is there, but it is heavily masked by the milk and the enormous amounts of sugar added. The one thing that I quite enjoyed was the aftertaste. As soon as you finish drinking, the sugary, milky taste disappears and you are left with a mildy sweetened coffee taste in your mouth.

Unlike korean and HK iced coffees, this one packs a it should considering that it is sold by Rockstar and it is still called an energy drink. One can contains 150 mg of caffeine, which is average for a drink this size. The energy hits you after about 15-20 minutes and depending on the amount you had (the whole can, or a few sips), it can make you jittery. I didn't drink the whole can and did not experience any jitters. I have had a whole can, at once, in the past and has made me jittery. This also meant that I experienced a pretty bad crash. So yes, if you have the whole can all at once, you will experience some jitters and a horrible crash. If you drink it slow, you will not experience jitters, but a prolonged rush followed by a slight, tired feeling, which is not quite like hitting a wall a few hours after consuming a whole can.

Cost - 7.2/10
Taste - 5.0/10
Performance - 7.5/10

Overall - 19.7/30...I would recommend one of the Monster Java drinks as it tastes better and works the same

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