Monday, August 24, 2009

Xyience Xenergy Mango Guava Review

Yeaaaaah, XTREME. How about putting some more X's where possible? I don't think 2 is enough to get your message across. OK, I realize there is that huge UFC logo on the front and the back so it is only logical that you need to emphasize how extreme this drink is. But for an extreme drink, why is it "zero calories and sugar free"? That does not sound extreme to me. I expect my energy drinks to be packed full of sugar. I also like the bar code above Xyience...which does not match the actual bar code on the back, the one the cashier used to ring my purchase of $2.99 CAD. The cheesiness must have been the reason why I have never had this drink before. I am sorry, there is also that huge Xyience logo on the side, right above the third, even larger, UFC logo. Shit, this drink is extreme to the max.

For an extreme drink this sure tastes extremely bad. Nah, I am lying, it doesn't taste too bad if you are into diet drinks. Beneath all that diet pop taste I can detect a mild mango flavour and a very distant guava one. The aftertaste is similar to the one of diet pop - overwhelmingly artificial with trace amounts of mostly mango flavouring. Why didn't I read the label more closely? I really dislike diet drinks. If you are thinking of buying this, do it ONLY if you like diet coke or diet Red Bull, otherwise back away from the display with maximum caution.

This can packs a bit more caffeine than other 473 mL ones - 180 mg. Finally, something extreme...slightly. This is only 20 - 30 mg more than the regular cans, so I cannot really consider this to be so amazing. It sure gives you a nice boost though.

Cost - $2.99 CAD
Taste - 4.8/10 if you don't like diet drinks, more if you do
Energy - 7.9/10

Overall - 12.7/20...this is a diet energy drink, what was I thinking? I repeat, if you like diet pop, then you might like the taste of this one

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