Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bottle Green Ginger & Lemongrass Review

I went out at lunch in the search of something refreshing to drink and to counteract the negative impact my salty lunch will have on my body. While I was out I decided to get some fruits from LobLaws. On my way to the cash register I spotted the healthy drink fridge and wandered over to have a closer look. They had some Fuze drinks, which I am not ready to try again (read why here), some juices and these bottle green beverages. I picked up the ginger & lemongrass thinking it will have a clean and refreshing taste. The bottles were only $1.69 CAD each so it wasn't much money to spend on something that may turn out to be it did (damn it, I spoiled it).

The moment I twisted the cap and the escaping air hit my nose, I regretted my purchase. It smelled exactly like pickled ginger, something I would normally shove in my mouth by the bucket. The only problem was that I wasn't eating sushi. "How bad can it be?" - I thought to myself and brought the bottle closer to my mouth and had a sip. The taste would not have been bad if I was eating pickled ginger and its juices were squirting, but damn it, I was drinking carbonated water. Who thought it would be a good idea to put ginger in? Also, why did I think it would taste refreshing? I wasn't able to taste the lemongrass much, because the taste of ginger was overpowering. The aftertaste was surprisingly fresh...if you were to breath breath through your mouth for about 5 seconds after taking a sip. That's not all, after those 5 seconds, your mouth feels as though you just had a jalapeno...OK, I am exaggerating, but the aftertaste is a bit spicy. If you don't like cinnamon gum, or mildly spicy foods, you will get diarrhea just by looking at the label of this soda.

I didn't dump the water down the sink, I drank it all. If someone offers me this flavour of bottle green, I would take it with pleasure, then proceed to beat that person to death, then I would go on a killing rampage. These are the possible consequences of people putting odd flavours in places they don't belong, such as the carbonated water I buy.

Cost - $1.69 CAD
Taste - 5.1/10...I would give it a pass, but I would never buy one again

Overall - 4.9/10...I had to deduct 0.2 so this wouldn't pass

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