Monday, August 3, 2009

Fuze Shape Review

I decided to try out one of the Fuze drinks I have been seeing so much of lately. I have seen my friends drink these, co-workers, family and people passing me on the streets. When I was at the local LobLaws I picked up a bottle of Fuze Shape Strawberry Melon for $1.99.

At 20 calories per bottle you don't get much of course. Clearly defined strawberry and melon tastes have been sacrificed for the low level of calories. The aftertaste is very similar to the one you get from drinking Nestle/Aquafina/Dasani flavoured water, very artificial. Anothe problem with the aftertaste is how long it lasts. I really don't want to be reminded constantly for 20-30 minutes that I had a sip of a low calorie drink, which did not taste very good. OK, maybe it is the
strawberry/melon combination which is not good and not the drink. I shall see by buying another flavour in the near future. I highly doubt that this is the case because Snapple makes some great tasting drinks...with a lot more calories of course.

Cost - 9/ be fair, this should be lower, perhaps 8/10 because you can buy quite a lot of drinks for around the same price that are better tasting - like Jones Soda
Taste - 5.5/10

Overall - 14.5/20...tastes like flavoured water and there are other better tasting drinks for the money

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