Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Zola Immunity Smoothie Review

I will give this a 2, perhaps a 3 out of 10 for presentation. I only took a photo of the front of the label, because the back was just cluttered with text and nutrition information. The text color, font and background also did not look good. However, it tastes expensive and it is expensive. Yes I stole that from Maker's Mark, but it is perfectly applicable. It costs $3.99 CAD...that is if you can find it in stores.

First off, it's 80% juice. That right there justifies the price somewhat. If you look at the ingredients list you will see puree this, puree that. But how does it taste? It tastes like a million bucks...ok, like $4. It tastes like something you had freshly made from scratch. It is tangy and tartary because it has not been sweetened much. It is thick, almost like puree. I am guessing a bit of water/juice has been added to make it more liquid. Every sip is a fruit explosion. There are so many different fruits blended together. The immediate aftertaste is of tangy tropical fruits, which soon fades and the taste of berries replaces it. Absolutely great, I cannot describe how good this was.

Cost - 6.5/10
Taste - 9.9/10...I am saving the 10 for the future

Overall - 16.5/20...probably the best store bought juice I have ever had. I only wish it was cheaper

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