Saturday, December 13, 2014

X-Mode Energy Shots On Tap Review

X-Mode Energy is definitely something new and unique. The idea behind it is that you buy a box of this energy blend and you dispense and consume as much caffeine as you want. The box comes with a shot glass and a portable container resembling a chubby energy shot bottle.

This product is definitely not for everyone, but I know many people who prefer taking energy shots or drinking energy drinks to pure coffee. Some of these people buy cases from bulk stores so X-Mode is definitely a product that will appeal to them and helps with their needs. A small subscription box of X-Mode will set you back $30 for which you get 100 ounces. If you do the math, each shot will cost you $0.30. If you don't need a subscription, you can buy a single box for $40 which also has 100 servings.

An opened box of X-Mode will last around 180 days so even if you do not drink energy shots on a daily basis, $40 has your caffeine needs covered for 6 months. That's $6.67 on caffeine per month. This is a great deal in my opinion....but only if you actually take energy shots regularly or at least twice per month.

OK, so now that we have gotten the numbers out of the way, the next question is - how does it taste?


First off, if you are wondering, the liquid inside the box is pale pink. The aroma is that of cherries with a slight cough syrup note. The shot also tastes like cherries - sour at the start and sweet at the finish. The initial sourness is refreshing and helps get the shot down, while the finish gives you a long-lasting sweet cherry finish that hides any unwanted flavors from the active ingredients very well....except for a little tiny amount of bitterness you get right after you swallow the shot.

The cherry flavor is very well done, but I do have one big complaint about the taste - I find the finish way too sweet. Now, I only found it too sweet because I was sipping on the shot very slowly at first to dissect it. Each tiny sip elevated the sweetness to the point where it felt like I had just consumed some cherry flavored cough syrup. Later shots I consumed in a large gulp so this sweetness wasn't bad, but I need to caution you if you like to sip on your shots.

Once I had the shot, the makers of X-Mode suggested I tried it with club soda. Genius!!! I have been writing about energy products for 5 years now I have never thought about putting an energy shot into a glass of club soda or water or juice, or anything, to make it into an energy drink! I can't believe how obvious this was.

Well, how does it taste with club soda - SOO GOOOD. You see, the sweetness is cut back so much that the energy cocktail is like Vitamin Water. There is just enough flavor to get you to drink it, but not too much that your palate is saturated. I am going to have to start doing this with other energy shots.


The taste is way better than I expected, especially for a bulk product like this, but the beauty of X-Mode is in the energy delivery. Each ounce, or shot, contains 150 mg of caffeine. For comparison, a 2 ounce bottle of 5 Hour Energy contains 200 mg, which means that each ounce of 5 Hour Energy contains only 100 mg of caffeine.

Caffeine content is one thing, but what I judge energy products on is the delivery of this energy. X-Mode surprised me with its smooth delivery. To fully test X-Mode, I had only a few hours of sleep (just can't sleep on weekends, I am way too excited to have some free time) when I had my first shot. The sourness of the shot pepped me up instantly and I felt my mind clear up and focus within 10 minutes of taking my first sip. After another 15-20 minutes I felt the effects of the caffeine with very minor jitters. I was actually able to stay seated and focused at my desk and write this review. Sure, underneath it all I felt like I could explode with energy and run around the block, but 1 ounce of X-Mode got me to just the right point for me. If I had some physical work to do, I would probably go with 2 ounces, but 1 ounce did the trick for me. The effects wore off after 3-4 hours (the 1 ounce effects) without a crash or any other negative side effect.

I didn't expect much from a boxed energy shot mixture, but to be perfectly honest, I was pleasantly surprised - it financially makes sense to get one of these if you consume energy shots on a regular basis, this stuff tastes better and works better than most single serving energy shots. Genius idea.

Cost - $30 for 100 oz subscription, $40 for a single box from X-Mode
Taste - 7.9/10
Energy - 8/10 to 10/10

Overall - 15.9/20 to 17.9/20...great price, great taste and damn good energy kick

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