Friday, July 31, 2009

Turbo Energy Drink Review

I was at Shopper Drug Mart again and this time I came across the Turbo Energy Drink. It was priced at only $2.49 CAD and said that it was made for Shoppers Drug Mart, which made me wonder if it was just as mediocre as the energy drink made for 7 Eleven...Inked I believe is the name.

I need only two words to describe this - RED BULL. It tastes exactly like it, a can of it contains almost the equivalent of two small Red Bull cans, the caffeine content is the same too. The label says that it is citrus flavoured so does that mean that Red Bull tastes like citrus fruits? Maybe the original thai one, but the carbonated Red Bull sold in cans here has a very unique, non-citrus taste. It is a bit sour so it might be confused with citrus fruits.

I got huge energy boost at first, probably because of the sugar/caffeine combo, and the rush lasted for a couple of hours then slowly started to wear off over the next hour.

Cost - 8.5/10
Taste - 8.9/10...just because I love the Red Bull taste
Energy - 7.9/10

Overall - 25.3/30...I think I will be buying this when I go to Shoppers rather than Red Bull. You get twice as much, for the same price - a hidden gem this one is

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