Friday, August 21, 2009

Inked Druidic Energy Drink Review

Time to drink the last can of Inked I had stashed away in the fridge. This one is called Druidic and is supposed to taste like euro citrus, whatever European citrus tastes like. I tangerine/orange/lemon. The, as all the other ones, was very dirty and the top had to be wiped clean before pouring the contents into a mug. I have already mentioned a couple of times that
Inked is sold 2 for 1 exclusively at 7-11 as it's made for them. That is $2.59 CAD and you get 2 cans or energy shots.

The drink does not look like a citrus one at all. The color is light brown and looks more like carbonated apple juice than a citrus drink. I thought that maybe the company has used apple juice as a base, but upon closer inspection of the ingredients list on the back it was revealed that there is not mention of the type of juices used. The drink smells a lot like candy and it tastes like Red least it tries to. Turbo Energy Drink and Red Rain have already achieved the taste of Red Bull, but not Inked. Take a Red Bull, add some more sugar, a bit more of citric acid, bump up the carbonation level and you would have a Druidic. The aftertaste is a bit different. It is mostly clean, slightly sour and initially a bit sweet. The sweetness fades away in less than a minute and then you are left with the sour taste (probably from the citric acid) for a while. It is not a bad flavour, but not very original and not like Red Bull at all even though they have probably tried to copy the taste.

The energy content is the same as all the other Inked flavours - 80 mg per 250 mL. If you don't have a calculator or have one, but don't what numbers to put in to get the total content per can, then perhaps you should go and open up a math textbook from elementary school. I will be nice though and tell you right now that the total content is 151.36 mg per can. It gave me a nice boost early in the morning, but then again so do all the other 473 mL cans.

Cost - $2.59 CAD per can with the 2 for 1 deal that has been going on for a while
Taste - 6.7/10...try a Turbo or a Red Rain to get that Red Bull-like taste
Energy - 7.5/10

Overall - 14.2/20...not too bad

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