Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rockstar Punched Acai Berry Review

Boy, am I tired this morning! Good thing I picked this up last night when I was filling up my car. I got it at the local ESSO gas station for $2.99 CAD. I have recently started noticing this flavour appearing at various locations because of the screaming green label. I know that Rockstar already has a few different labels, this looks to be the one that will most likely get your attention. Just like the Inked cans, this one also had a dirty top. Where were these cans stored? Did the distributor leave them in a warehouse and forgot about them? Well, my trust caffeine mug comes to my rescue once more.

Alright, now lets discuss the choice of flavour - acai berry. Did Rockstar fall for one of those scams and now have a truck load of acai berry extract/juice/whatever? Seriously, that is all the spam I have been getting lately - 2 e-mails per day. What happened to the good old viagra spam? The cheap meds? The enlargement spams? Acai berry must be the new "miracle" fruit, the one that will enlarge every part of your body and solve all of your financial problems. Not only that, if you just send them $20, they will somehow guarantee that you will be making 5 digits per weel selling acai juice. If that works so well, why don't they keep the tricks to themselves and make millions? SPAM - don't fall for it.

Alright, I will call this spam juice, because it did not really deliver what I was expecting (damn it, I spoiled the rest of the story). I poured it in my nice mug and look at that color.

I was honestly expecting something green. I mentioned in another post that I haven't had pure acai juice to know what it is supposed to taste like, so determining how good the flavour has been captured will be a bit hard...if not impossible. Fine, you have a yellow color, but how do you taste little green guy? Damn it spam juice, you taste like citrus fruits. Perhaps at this point I should point out that this, indeed, is citrus punch so I should not be too harsh and say I didn't get what was written on the label. But where is that exotic acai berry flavour I should be detecting? Hm, that must be that sugary taste of cough syrup. OK, this is very hard to describe, but it just tastes like a citrus drink with a bit of a cough syrup undertone. Tsk, tsk, Rockstar, trying to get on the acai bandwagon. No money for you least for this drink. Maybe you should have signed up for another acai berry scam so you can have two truck loads of juice and you at least double the flavour intensity. It doesn't even say anywhere what the juice content of this is supposed to be. You were cool with the mango one, what happened?

The energy level here is pretty standard - 160 mg per can. It did help me wake up this morning and for this I am glad I spent the $2.99 last night. The boost lasted for a few hours just like all the other 473 mL energy drinks.

Cost - $2.99 CAD
Taste - 6.8/10...Lifesavers, it tastes exactly like the yellow one and looks like one as well
Energy - 7.5/10

Overall - 14.3/ had my hopes up high, but you did not deliver

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