Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Inked Chikara Energy Drink Review

Last week I bought a few cans of Inked from 7-11 and reviewed the Oroborus one. Today I am having the Chikara one. There is one thing I need to point out. Look at that top.

It is dirty! All the cans of Inked at that particular 7-11 were like this. For my Oroborus review I had to pour the contents in my caffeine mug. I am doing the same with this one. Why the heck are all the cans so dirty? I should go to another one and investigate the conditions of the Inked cans. This is just so filthy, after opening the can I had to go wash my fingers. I can see why they cost $2.69 for 2 cans now.

Before drinking this remember to wipe the mouth piece because even if you are drinking it from a cup, the liquid will flow over the rim and a bit of the mouth piece, dragging some of the junk into the cup. The label says that this is supposed to taste like cranberry and raspberry. The color confirms the claim - it is dark red. The taste is surprisingly better than the Oroborus one. The energy drink smells like cranberry juice and it tastes like one too. The raspberry is detectable, but it gets overpowered by the cranberry. This is actually really refreshing in the morning. Just the cranberry taste can give you a nice jolt and wake you up. The aftertaste is also surprisingly good - tart from the cranberry with hints of raspberry. Bravo 7-11, or should I say Cott Beverages, bravo!

The energy content for this one is given in the same manner as the Oroborus one - 80 mg per 250 mL. A bit frustrating that you have to calculate the can content by yourself, but the rule of thumb is multiply it by 2. But if you have a calculator handy, you will arrive to 151.36 mg of caffeine per can of Inked, which is enough to give you a nice energy boost, similar to the one a can of Monster, AMP, Full Throttle and RockStar will give you, but at less than half the price.

Cost - $2.69 CAD for 2 cans, or you can mix and match and buy a can and an energy shot
Taste - 8.1/10...if you like cranberries, try this as it tastes more of juice than an energy drink
Energy - 7.5/10...nothing too impressive, quite average for a can this size

Overall - 15.6/20...better than the Oroborus one

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