Thursday, July 15, 2010

EQ Smart Energy Drink Mo Apple Review

When I got back home yesterday, a small package was waiting for me from the King of Caffeine. It was some caffeine products I ordered a week ago and I was wondering why the box was so small since I purchased so many things. It turned out that the guys at King of Caffeine are extremely efficient at packing, which reduced the shipping charge to Canada significantly, and for that, I am very grateful. If you are looking to get caffeine stuff online, that's the place to go.

But, let's get back to the review. Today I am trying EQ - The Smart Energy Drink, which is a tablet you can drop in any drink. I chose water as my solvent and dropped the tablet in. It took a few minutes for it to fully dissolve, turning the water from clear to cloudy and pale straw. The final solution smelled like a blend of apples with some Granny Smith and some sweeter ones. Since there are only 5 calories and the resulting mixture is sugar free, there isn't much flavour...BUT what's there is actually enjoyable. Now I see why the label suggests 8 to 12 oz and not the 16 I poured. That is completely my fault. I think at half the volume, the drink would have had more flavour. What I was drinking was slightly carbonated and had a mild apple combination taste. There were no unpleasant tastes, which was fantastic. The aftertaste was mild and mostly clean and aside from the light diet taste, there was nothing else to negatively impact the experience.

This is one of those products that state the energy blend and not the caffeine content. Unlike the Blood and Zombie Blood energy potions, which I had recently, this must have had a good amount of caffeine, because I felt a boost within 15-20 minutes. I was wide awake and ready to head out and go to work. Next time I will pour myself 8 oz of water to speed up the intake process and hopefully experience the flavour better. In another 10 minutes I started to feel a little jittery and felt all of the caffeine kicking in. In another 10 minutes I was fully wired. The kick lasted for quite some time and at the end I did not feel a crash, I just felt kind of normal. Not bad, but next time I will definitely try using less water.

Energy Blend (1,680.7 mg):
  • L-Taurine
  • d-Glucoronolactone
  • Caffeine
  • Ginkgo Biloba
Other Ingredients: citric acid, inulin, maltodextrin, natural and artificial flavours, polyethylene glycol, sucralose, canola oil, caramel color

Cost - $1.00 per tab from King of Caffeine
Taste - 7.7/10...possibly more if less water were used
Energy - 8/10

Overall - 15.7/20...decent flavour and a great kick for only $1

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