Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mad-Croc Energy Gum Power Peppermint Review

I have been using Mad-Croc's Energy Gum for a few weeks now, but never got the chance to review it until today. I will start off with the Power Peppermint flavour.

The first thing you will notice about the gum is how big the pieces are. They length and width-wise they are not much bigger than regular gum, but they are almost twice as thick. The company advertises this on their packages, but you can easily miss it. Just look in the upper right corner. See? "Jumbo Pieces"


The gum is very soft and doesn't have a hard glazing that cracks after the first chew. Though it is soft, it keeps that soft consistency throughout and doesn't turn into a mush like a lot of other energy gums. The Power Peppermint tastes like...well...peppermint. The taste is not very intense, but it still packs a small peppery punch. This may appeal to those that find spearmint a bit too mild. Each piece starts off a bit salty, but the sweetness quickly comes in and mixes with the peppermint flavour. A very subtle energy ingredients taste appears after 5 minutes of chewing, but it is nothing that ruins the overall experience. The bitterness of the energy ingredients gets amplified over time, but it never reaches intolerable levels. The peppermint taste lasts for quite some time, but as the bitterness starts to get more noticeable, the flavour starts to fade. If it wasn't for the energy taste, you could swear that this is just a regular peppermint gum. Overall, I have been quite pleased with the product for the past several weeks and now I am even more pleased that I found the time to sit down and review it.


An actual caffeine content is not given, but the back of the package states that 2 pieces of gum are equivalent to an 8 oz energy drink. Simple math tells that this is around 40 mg of caffeine per piece of gum. Not great, but each piece certainly packs a punch, and when you have 10 pieces per pack, you can easily get super energized.

I usually take only 1 piece of gum in the afternoon after lunch for a mild kick and to freshen up. The energy kicks in around 10-15 minutes after I start chewing it and lasts for about 40 minutes. There is no crash at the end, but you certainly don't feel as energized any more.

Ingredients: sorbitol, gum base, malitol, natural and artificial flavors, caffeine, xylitol, niacinamide, titanium dioxide, glycerin, soy lecithin, calcium pantothenate, sucralose, taurine, maltodextrin, refined glaze, carnauba wax, pyridoxine hydrochloride, riboflavin, blue #1 lake, calcium silicate, cyanocobalamin

Wow, that's a lot of ingredients!

Cost -$2.00 from KingofCaffeine
Taste - 8/10
Energy - 4/10 to 10/10

Overall - 12/20 to 18/20...pretty decent tasting energy gum with a nice kick

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