Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Stay Alert Arctic Mint Energy Gum Review

I love the slogan on this package - "Stay Alive If You Stay Alert". I also love the subtle ad in the upper left corner - available on amazon.com. I got this from KingofCaffeine and not from Amazon.


Each piece is blue and the size of a Mento with a small nipple on one side. After the first few bites, the piece crumbles like a semi-hard candy, but once those crumbs soak up some saliva, they stick together and form the chewing gum. I was a bit turned off by that at the beginning, but after about 30 seconds of chewing the crumbs, I had already forgotten about them. Though this is supposed to be arctic mint, I did not get the burst of mint I was expecting. Instead I got a sweet spearmint taste with a gentle bite at the back of my tongue. This is not bad, but I was expecting more of a bite.

Like with any other energy gum, the are some signs of active ingredients. After a minute or so of chewing, a light bitterness starts to develop, which slowly builds over the suggested 5 minute chewing time. If you exceed the 5 minutes, the bitterness continuous to build up and does get off putting. Stay within the 5 minutes and you should end up with a refreshing taste, with a very subtle hint of artificial sweeteners, and no sign of bitterness.


There are 100 mg of caffeine in each piece and five minutes is enough! I chewed a piece for 5 minutes and waited for the suggested 15 minutes to experience the kick. In less than 15 minutes, I started to wake up and feel energized. The effects are great- there are no jitters or a crash at the end, which comes about an hour and a half later. For the first few minutes I even felt focused on what o was doing, which is not something I was promised by the label.

Cost - $2.50
Taste - 8/10 for the first 5 minutes, 6.5/10 after
Energy - 7/0 to 10/10 depending on the number of pieces you chew

Overall - 13.5/20 to 18/20...depending on the number of pieces you chew and the length of time you chew them for

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