Saturday, March 31, 2012

On Go Energy Lemon Lime Review

I bought this shot from Detroit for the deliciously low price of $0.99 thanks to a promotion the manufacturer was having. 


The shot has a solid green color which makes this the perfect shot for a St. Patrick's Day morning. For a moment I expected it to smell like mint, but nope, this smells like a generic lemon/lime soda with a bit of a weird  flowery scent. The taste starts off with a very brief candy-lime sweetness which quickly progresses to a more sour, lemon driven flavour, finishing on a mellower lime note.

The aftertaste is a combination of mellow lime and sweetener and there are no off-putting flavours from the active ingredients.

Great tasting energy shot, but there is nothing unique about the flavour.


Like with the previous On Go I reviewed, this doesn't tell you how much caffeine is in the shot. The Internet tells me there are 177 mg, but should I believe that?

I felt awake and focused within about 20 minutes and in another 20 I felt the effects of the caffeine. The boost came gradually and I did not experience any jitters. With the caffeine fully absorbed, I got about 3 hours of energy and finished without a crash.

Well, perhaps and perhaps not. This doesn't feel like 177 mg, but I think there is enough caffeine to wake you up and give you a boost for about 3 hours and for $0.99 you will probably have a hard time finding a better performing and tasting shot.

Cost - $0.99 on promotion at 7-11
Taste - 8/10
Energy - 8/10

Overall - 16/20...OK taste and OK performance - great deal for $0.99, but nothing unique overall

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