Sunday, October 18, 2015

AMP Passion Fruit Energy Drink

Next on my list of new AMP energy drinks is the Passion Fruit one. The black background on the label indicates that this drinks packs all the goodness of a sugary energy drink.


First off, the drink smells like passion fruit, but the aroma is only moderately intense. I was expecting something a little stronger. Taste-wise, the passion fruit is a bit more intense but not as intense as eating a freshly picked passion fruit. Its intensity is strongest at the start and towards the middle of each step gets diluted by the standard base energy drink flavor. A portion of the passion fruit flavor is carried through to the aftertaste where its sticky, candy-like sweetness lingers for a bit.

With 58 grams of sugar in the can, sweetness should be expected. There is a build up after each sip, but the moderately tart passion fruit flavor helps knock it down a notch at the start of each sip.


There are 157 mg of caffeine and 58 grams of sugar. The jitters are there and come in within 5 minutes. My legs were just a little shaky but I got the kick I wanted early in the morning. In another 5 minutes my brain was out of its morning zombie-mode and into a mode where it pretended it was thinking.

The real kick doesn't come for another 15-20 minutes and the jitters die down a little by that point. Here is where I was energized and wanted to do stuff...mostly physical because I was too energized for mental tasks. After a few hours bursting with energy, I started to come down and landed to my normal mode without a crash.

Cost - 2 for $3 from 7-11
Taste - 8.8/10
Energy - 8.1/10

Overall - 16.9/20...pretty decent passion fruit flavor and a sugar kick

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