Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Power Toothpaste Review

Among other things, my morning routine consists of a shower, coffee and brushing my teeth before heading out the door. I chose to give up the coffee part of my morning for the past couple of weeks to give Power Toothpaste a chance to prove itself.


When Power Toothpaste approached me with the opportunity to review a caffeinated toothpaste, I wasn't sure if I was the right person for this job and I wasn't sure if this product was right for this blog...but what the heck.

Before agreeing to the review, I did some snooping around on the Internet and there were already lots of posts on this toothpaste from energy junkies on blogs and sites. The most common comment was on the potential bitterness of this product (these posts were not of users who had reviewed the toothpaste). After reading all the comments I could find, I got a bit scared but soldiered on and got the product.

My response to all the people who think this would be bitter is - "You crazy mofos!!!" This toothpaste is anything but bitter. The intense peppermint flavor completely overpowers any bitterness you might get from the caffeine. I mean, this toothpaste is so minty that it gives you a much fresher and longer lasting fresh breath than my normal peppermint Colgate. Bitterness....pshhhh...there is none of that here. If you weren't told that this is caffeinated toothpaste, you would have thought that this is just another intensely minty, good ol' toothpaste. There is not much else that can be said regarding the taste...or should I re-label this section "Flavor"???


There are 106 mg of caffeine per mL of toothpaste!!!! That's the most intense concentration of caffeine you can find on the market...except maybe pharmaceutical grade caffeine. After almost a couple of weeks I weighted the semi-empty toothpaste tube and calculated that I was using an average of 0.7 mL of toothpaste each time I brushed my teeth. In other terms, I was using around 74 mg of caffeine.  And yes, I did take into consideration the specific gravity of the average toothpaste when I did the conversion.

The intense mint flavor perked me up on its own each time I brushed my teeth. It is hard to gauge how much caffeine I was ingesting through my gums, but I was definitely feeling a tiny bit more alert on my morning walks just from using the toothpaste. Though you shouldn't rely only on this toothpaste for your morning buzz, it will definitely give you a tiny boost.

Hey, use this alongside your caffeinated shower gel, soap and aftershave and you will probably absorb just as much caffeine as a small energy drink.

If you are curious to try this product yourself, check out Power Toothpaste's website to get a free sample. Come on, you have nothing to lose. Stay tuned for their Indiegogo campaign, launching on January 19, 2016.

Cost - unsure
Taste - 9/10
Energy - hard to relate

Overall - 9/10...great toothpaste that also happens to have caffeine

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