Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ice Blue Chill NRG Energy Shot Review

My first post. I realized I step out of the office quite often to get something to drink and kill some time so I thought to myself, why not review some of the things I consume. My first review will be of NRG Energy Shot in "Ice Blue Chill" flavour...whatever that means. 

I will tell you what it doesn't mean though - something I would ever buy again...EVER. I picked this up at the local Rexall after falling for the "8 hour" energy boost promise. What a crock of s**t that was. Half an hour from consuming it I felt a mild headache and a very short boost in energy until about lunch time - about 1 hour. I do have to note that I am a recovering caffeine fiend and that I used to start my days with a triple espresso...yep, a 3 oz espresso, and I am not talking about that americano B.S. espresso you buy at a local cafe, I am talking about 3 short espressos poured in a mug. 

Half a minute after consuming the energy shot, my mouth tasted like the desinfecting liquid you find in barber shops, or also very similar to the way hair dye smells like. That was confirmed by a colleague shortly. The drink itself tasted quite bad, worse than the Simpsons or Family Guy "energy drinks" you buy from candy shops. It tasted like crushed pills mixed into water. I should also note the extremely sharp taste which completely destroyed my taste buds. I drank a mug of Milk Oolong shortly after and I was not able to taste anything but the disgusting, chemical taste of the drink.

Cost - 8/10 (it only cost $2.99 CA)
Taste - 1/10 (truly the worst energy drink I have ever tried)
Performance - 3/10 (very short boost)

Overall - 12/30...FAIL

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