Saturday, July 18, 2009

amp Energy with Black Tea Review

So I went to a store I live near and I came across the entire amp line of energy drinks. There are quite a lot of different kinds, not just the 2-3 ones every store sells. My eyes locked on their tea collection. There is an amp with black tea and one with green tea. I picked up the black tea and it cost me $2.99 CAD, the same as any other 473 mL energy drink. The taste really surprised me, in a good way. The beverage tastes a lot like a knock off Coca Cola, but without too much sugar added to it. The taste is quite mellow and unintrusive and the aftertaste is quite enjoyable. I was expecting the drink to be non-carbonated, but it was. I guess this is why it is called amp Energy WITH Black Tea, rather than amp Energy Black Tea. Overall, great taste, I was pleasantly surprised.

Black tea has quite a bit caffeine (not as much as coffee, but it still gives the person drinking it a small boost) and I think some of that was carried over to the beverage, because on the back, the label states 174 mg of caffeine per container. That is a bit more than the amount found in other amp, Monster and RockStar cans with the same volume. I drank the can really fast because I was thirsty and I did feel a torrential wave of energy come over me in about 15-20 minutes. The problem with that is that it made me a bit jittery. Great boost, slightly more than other beverages in the same containers.

The only problem with this drink is that I have seen it for sale at only one location. I just might have to stock up next time I went to the store and bring all the cans to work.

Cost - 8/10
Taste - 8.9/10
Energy - 8.1/10

Overall - 25/ of the best overall energy drinks that I have had, I will recommend this to everyone seeking a boost

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  1. Hi...
    I also take amp Energy. The black tea has many health benefits. So this drink woith black tea is a great energy giving one with a olot of health benefits.