Thursday, July 23, 2009

amp Energy with Green Tea

Finally got the amp Energy with Green Tea though at the higher price of $3.49 CAD. This one differs in more than one way from the other amp with Black Tea. First, it has less caffeine at 155 mg per can, which leads me to believe that the company has used green tea, which has less caffeine than the black tea, or they have artificially adjusted the caffeine content to better reflect the difference the black and green teas. Second, it tastes worse than the black tea amp. It tastes like someone mixed the original amp Energy with some Nestea Green Tea. If I would have to say, the mix is 2/3 amp and 1/3 green tea. The amp energy drink dominates the overall taste leaving little room for the pleasant taste of the green tea. On the brighter side, the aftertaste is dominated by the refreshing taste of the green tea, which seemed odd to me. Overall the taste left me a bit disappointed, it is not horrible, just not what I was expecting. It seemed synthetic and similar to many other energy drinks on the market.

I got the energy boost I was looking for and it is just like all the other Monster/RockStar drinks. I drank the can slowly and did not experience any jitters...but that taste, so disappointed.

Cost - 7.2/10 (most locations should sell it for $2.99 CAD so this score might be 8/10)
Taste - 6.4/10
Energy - 7.5/10

Overall - 21.1/'s a new energy drink, but nothing exceptional

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