Thursday, July 23, 2009

Arizona Red Apple Green Tea with Ginseng Review

OK, I didn't get this when I was at work, but whatever. Every once in a while I feel like an iced tea and the Arizona one is the most popular here. You can find these beverages in every location that sells drinks. The cans have a 99 cent price emblem that is a part of the label so you know they will always be the same price regardless of the location...unless the store is run by heartless, greedy assholes. The cans are also quite big - 695 mL!!! For 99 cents you might get the impression that the tea does not taste very good...but it does. Recently (not really), they have added some new iced teas to their product line. I recently saw some Half & Half cans - half juice, half iced tea. I wanted to buy one of those, but as my luck would have it I couldn't find one. I
picked up a can of their Red Apple Green Tea with Ginseng because of its attractive label. I should also mention that I got the can for only $0.88. Taking it up to the cashier, it came up to 99 cents with tax. I have never noticed if that's how much stores usually charge because I have never bought just a can of iced tea or if the can says 99 cents including taxes. Anyways, onto the iced tea.

As expected, the iced tea is pretty good, it tastes exactly as described - strong red apple flavouring taste with hints of ginseng. The green tea has a mild taste that goes almost unnoticed because of the apple taste. In addition to the red apple, ginseng and green tea, a taste of honey is also detectable. How can I tell the ginseng apart from all the other flavours? Once you have a korean ginseng drink, you will remember the taste for the rest of your life. Beware, on its own, the ginseng beverage does not taste very good. Of course the beverage also tastes like the good old Arizona Iced Tea, which they have probably used as a base. The flavours blend nicely and together and make the drink enjoyable. The aftertaste is on the sweeter side with hints of red apple. Did I mention that I paid only $0.88 CAD for this?

Cost - 10/10
Taste - 8.2/10

Overall - 18.2/ $0.88 you would have to be stupid not to buy this


  1. You mean 18.2/20

  2. Yes, you are absolutely right. Thanks.