Sunday, August 30, 2009

Berry Beaver Buzz Energy Drink Review

A few weeks ago I bought a Green Tea Beaver Buzz Energy Drink and thought it was a bit too sweet and the caffeine content was a bit low. Yesterday I saw one of the other Beaver Buzz Energy Drinks and I just had to buy it and try it. Why? Because this one has 188 mg of caffeine in a 355 mL can. That's almost 80 mg more than the Green Tea Beaver Buzz, 20-30 mg more than all Monster, Full Throttle, Rockstar, AMP (with the exception of Black Tea AMP) drinks and it only costs $1.99 CAD. I also love the tall, skinny can.

Unlike other berry energy drinks, this one does not taste as sweet, which is something I absolutely love. The Beaver Buzz website states that this is made with no ordinary berries, it is made with the Saskatoon Berries, which are native to Western Canada and Western and Northern United States. I have never had Saskatoon Berries so I cannot say if this drink captures the taste of the berry. It tastes a lot like sour blueberries with a tart, cranberry-like aftertaste. The only bad thing about the drink is the cough syrup undertone, which is more dominant in the initial aftertaste.

YEAAAAAH, now this is an energy drink. It has 188 mg of caffeine in a 355 mL can. I know if I don't want to drink too much I should get an energy shot, but I don't like the way they taste and I prefer to sip on something. Drinking a 473 mL can slowly, leaves the last little bit warm. I have to find the rest of the Beaver Buzz energy drinks to see if they also contain 188 mg of caffeine. The wikipedia entry states that they all do, but since the Green Tea doesn't, it leads me to believe that it may be wrong.

Cost - $1.99 CAD
Taste - 7.8/10
Energy - 8.3/10

Overall - 16.1/20

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  1. Had the pink one earlier this yr or last yr. It was a greapfruit flavour drink but forget caffeine content. Had the green tea one yrs ago. Yrs ago i seen these more offten. Now just sometimes in wall mart for 1.97 and sometimes in 7-11 for whatever price. Bought today the green tea and the saska berry one. green tea says 102mg's caffeine this says 188mg's. Site claims there is also a cirtus can and 2 stripped ones where the sugar is removed from this one \i think and citrrus. Dont think I seen citrus b4 and it looks like ppl reviewed bigger and diff cans from this company I dont see on there site so i dunnop how many there is. Upcoming week I'll probably have them cheer's.