Friday, August 28, 2009

Mandarin Orange NRG Energy Shot Review

It has been a while since I had another NRG shot. The last one I tried left me in the washroom with my head in the toilet attempting to make the energy shot come out of my stomach...the two finger approach. This time I got one that did not include a color in its name - Mandarin Orange. It costs $1.99 CAD and I got it from Rexall.

Wow, when I opened it and the smell hit I think I blacked out for a few seconds. That must have been the most pungent smell that has come my way in a very long time. No, wait, I drove by a landfill a couple of weeks ago. Great, I can use that landfill smell to compare this to. So, imagine you are next to a landfill. Now imagine that in your hand is a bottle of NRG Mandarin Orange,
I can guarantee that the landfill odor will be lost and you would do anything to get it back. Of course if you to throw the NRG bottle in the landfill then you might as well forget about ever sensing the garbage odor again. This energy shot will contaminate the entire landfill and then all will be able to smell until it has been remediated is NRG Mandarin Orange. I can't even bring myself to try this thing. At the moment is sitting at the corner of my desk with its lid on and all I can smell is the Mandarin Orange scent...which I allowed to escape when I first cracked open the bottle. It was only open for a second. How can it fill the air around the desk with its stench? OK, I will give it a try.

These are the different tastes/flavours you will go through: flavour one is the awful garbage-like taste, that will last for less than a second. Second, your taste buds have been completely destroyed, you will sense something resembling orange, then you will remember that the taste is awfully similar to that of chewable vitamin C tablets. And lastly, once you have gulped down whatever is in the bottle, the citric acid taste and burn will give way to the horrible hair dye-like taste. I have never tried drinking hair dye, but imagine the hair salon smell contained in your mouth. What is even worse is that the aftertaste is so strong that it stays for a very long time in your mouth. Damn, another terrible experience with the NRG Energy Shots.

I drank the bottle at exactly 1 pm and I was promised up to 8 hours of energy. The label does not list the caffeine content, but I doubt that it is higher than a Monster or, at most, NOS. It kicked in roughly 10 - 15 minutes after consuming it. It was a very weird rush - no jitters and tons of energy and I didn't feel like running up the walls in my office. Quite nice. This pleasant rush only lasted for an hour. After 2 pm I was feeling quite normal - not tired, just normal. I started to get tired around 4 pm. Three hours of energy is under the 8 hour promise, but it is that "up to" combination that bothers me. The overall energy boost is comparable to that of a 473 mL energy drink, but it is that 1 hour of calm, focused energy that gives it some extra points.

Cost - $1.99 CAD
Taste - 1/10...I am feeling generous
Energy - 8.5/10

Overall - 9.5/20...maybe you want to buy something else, such as a gun and shoot yourself. If you are looking for just an energy rush, this might do the trick, but if you don't want your mouth to taste of garbage for an hour, you might want to get something else...did I already suggest a gun? Not in the mood for a gun? You can try the 5 hour energy shot. It tastes better.

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