Monday, May 25, 2009

5 Hour Energy Shot Review

Yesss, the 10 am Monday morning wall. After a weekend of doing daily quests in WoW, not sleeping properly and drinking too much of sweet, delicious scotch I was dying on my desk...That could have also been due to the extremely dull studies I was going over. Six floors down, 1 traffic light and 146 steps later I crossed the Rexall border and headed for the 2 shelves in the store that contained more energy shots than any 7-11 I have ever been to.

The one thing that caught my attention was the discontinued "female energy shot", which was marked down 50%. I wondered why, but couldn't find the courage to make the purchase so I went for the shot next to - the 5 hour energy shot. I have had a citrus one before but did not enjoy the taste and didn't feel the effects because it was during a time period I was overly caffeinated. The shot cost $2.99 CA, which is quite standard for a shot and on the slightly cheaper side compared to an energy drink (I am talking about a large Red Bull). I went for the berry one thinking that maybe it wouldn't taste as disgusting as the synthesized citrus shots.

I wasn't wrong, the taste was not too bad. The shot still had the standard "sugar free"/synthesized taste, but the berry flavour managed to mask a lot of it. I felt a clean, "calm" rush around 15 minutes later and no jitters. I felt compelled to continue working and did not feel tired until around 3 hours later. Three hours of "clean" energy is not bad in my opinion, but I certainly did not get the 5 hours I was promised. At the end of the third hour I hit a serious wall...I was completely out of juice. That was not cool, but the problem was eventually fixed with a cup of tea.

Cost - 8/10
Taste - 6/10
Performance - 8/10

Overall - 22/30...Not bad, I would buy it again

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