Tuesday, May 26, 2009

amp Energy Review

Another day, another horrible morning, another crash around 10 am and another run to the store for some brain juice. Today I was ready to make the bold move and purchase the SlimQuick energy shot, the energy shot designed for women...I think. I rushed to the shelves packed with energy drinks and shot only to find the spot reserved for SlimQuick empty - tsk tsk. There wasn't anything else that caught my eye until I turned around and noticed the fridge with the halo around it. Wait, I don't think that was the fridge, I think that's a sign of sleep deprivation. Long story short, I picked up an amp energy drink because the choice was extremely poor and I have never had one before. I chose the mixed berry flavoured one.

The drink was not too expensive - $2.99 CA, priced between a regular and a large Red Bull. I cracked open the can as soon as I got back to my nice office and had sip. The first sip was not the greatest as I thought it tasted a little too artificial. I am saying "a little" because most of the artificial taste was masked by the berry taste, which offset it "a little". The next several sips were better as my tastebuds adjusted and after a couple of minutes the taste was quite alright for an energy drink. 

Around 10-15 minutes after consuming a third of the can I felt calm and focused, which might have been due to the placebo effect because the can did advertised "enhanced focus". The feeling did not last very long as I felt the raw energy come gradually over the course of the next 10 minutes. I did experience some jitters. I finished the drink around half an hour after I opened it, but I really didn't get the promised enhanced focus. I was quite tired after 2 hours of fully consuming the drink. Four hours after I opened the drink I felt the crash and it was baaaad. Two cups of milk oolong tea and an apple restored my ability to function.

Cost - 8/10
Taste - 6/10 (based on the first sip)
Performance - 5/10 (not very good for job that requires a lot reading, but excellent for others)

Overall - 19/30...a pass, not that bad, I would give the other flavours a try

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