Friday, May 29, 2009

Master Café Italian Roast, a Review

So I went to t & t last night and I picked up a bunch of drinks I have never seen before. At the moment they are taking up an entire shelf in my fridge, but I am hoping on drinking them all over the next few days, taking pictures and noting my impressions of each. Today I brought a Master Café Italian Roast ice coffee to work. 

I couldn't resist the sight of the drink sitting on my desk so I had to open it and drink it early in the morning. The can feels and looks like the Heineken's cans, but is smaller - 240 mL. Upon opening and can and smelling its contents I found that the smell is quite nice. The first sip was also good and it reminded me of McDonald's iced coffee only not as sweet. The drink was not too bitter or too sweet, just righ and I think a lot of people might enjoy the taste. The aftertaste was quite nice - very mild. It reminded me of mild coffee with some cream.

The energy boost was exactly what you would expect from an iced coffee - barely there. It was definitely not as good as freshly brewed coffee or an energy drink, but it gave me a nice buzz which laste for about an hour. Since it was early in the morning I did not experience a crash, I was just brought back to my original condition of feeling slightly tired, probably from the lack of sleep.

Overall it was quite an enjoyable drink which I will purchase again.

Cost - 10/10 ($0.97 CA)
Taste - 8/10
Performance - 4/10

Overall - 22/30...very nice, will purchase again for the taste and not for the energy

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