Friday, September 4, 2009

X Games Energy Drink Review

I went to a Mac's last night to check out their collection of energy drinks and I came across this specimen. It was priced at $3.59 CAD and I thought it was a bit expensive considering the size of the can - 355 mL. You could get a large Red Bull for less than that, or any AMP, Monster, Rockstar, Full Throttle. I had to get it to see what's so special.

Well, there is nothing special about this one. It tastes a lot like Red Bull, but more sour. It really burns the tongue this one. The good thing about a drink this sour is the aftertaste. It is very refreshing with none of the sweet, cough syrup aftertaste. The downside is the damage the sour drink does to your tongue and throat. It left my tongue a bit numb and my throat feeling the same way as if I had just consumed a cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice.

The caffeine content is not given anywhere on the can. The drink's website says that there is no added caffeine, but it does not deny the possibility of caffeine being present in the drink. The website also states that the energy comes from natural sources such as ginseng, guarana and ginkgo biloba. I am not sure how that last one helps you with energy since it is used as a memory enhancer. Anyways, I still got a nice boost from the drink. I will take a shot at the caffeine content based on experience - around the 100 mg mark I say. X Games Energy, would be kind enough to get in touch with me and let me know what the caffeine content is? Thanks a bunch.

Cost - $3.59 CAD for a 355 mL can
Taste - 9.1/10...the sourness really gives it a nice kick and aftertaste
Energy - 6.6/10

Overall - 15.7/20...not bad at all


  1. I've just bought that new drink in Québec few days ago after tasting it with their X Games Energy Squad. Lucky I was, it was sold at 2 for $5. I really like the taste, especially when you compare with tons of energy drinks available in the market. Good energy and not over the top which is really good for me. I'll buy another one for sure. I hope for you that Mac's will reduce their price:o)

  2. I know this is a n ancient article, but the dollar store right by me in St Laurent sells these things for 1$.