Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Launch Energy Drink Gum Review

This is called Energy Drink Gum, emphasis on the Energy Drink part. Yes, it looks like a miniature energy drink can, but the gum is peppermint flavoured. The container is very unique, but it is also very deceitful. It has a double bottom about a third of the way up, which ensures that you do not get more than 9 pieces of gum. A container costs only $1.99 CAD so at least you are not paying the same as for an energy drink.

The gum pieces look like Mentos drops and taste like them in the beginning, but then the taste of the energy ingredients kicks in. The bitterness is subtle, but it is there and lingers for a while. Once it goes away, the gum is not bad, but it loses its minty freshness.

Each piece contains 61.3 mg of caffeine, which is not much, but it is noticeable. The energy kicked in after 10 or so minutes and I felt pepped up even after the heavy meal I had for lunch. A single piece has a surprising amount of kick to it. On the downside, the gum does not last very long and after about an hour and a half it starts turning into mush reminding you it is time to pop in another piece.

Cost - $1.99 CAD for a can with 9 pieces
Taste - 6/10
Energy - 6.8/10

Overall - 12.8/20...I wish the bitterness was better masked and that the minty taste was stronger

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