Friday, January 29, 2010

Rage Affliction Energy Drink Review

Aaaah, an energy drink. I haven't reviewed one in a very long time, mostly because there aren't any new ones in Ontario. This one does not differ from the other Rage drinks very much and still has some cheesy slogans on the can - "Pain does not exist" and "Follow no rules". Unlike the other two Rage drinks I reviewed in the past, I had to pay full price for this one, which was $2.99 CAD.

The top of the can was dirty again so I had to pour the drink into my mug. The color is spectacular - deep red. The drink smells and tastes like cherries. The taste is actually very good and there are no traces of medicine or energy ingredients notes...except right at the finish when a bitter taste appears for a fraction of a second. It strikes the taste buds like lightning and you do not taste it until the end of the next gulp. Wow, how have they managed to condense the bitterness in such a short burst? The drink is probably packed with citric acid because the aftertaste is sour yet very clean with a subtle hint of cherries. I like this Rage better than the other two (Liquid Energy and Wrath).

Lets talk about the energy boost. I barely slept last night and around 10-15 minutes after consuming one mug of this I was awake and very energized. A can of Rage Affliction contains 160 mg of synthetic caffeine and 40 mg of caffeine from the guarana seed for a total of 200 mg of caffeine. I have never seen an energy drink with a guarana seed containing 10% caffeine before, and there aren't many that use so much guarana extract - 400 mg in this case. Around half an hour later I was wired up. The energy lasted for about 3-4 hours and I did not experience a crash. Luckily this Rage did not give me a pounding heart problem like the other one did.

Cost - $2.99 CAD for a 473 mL can
Taste - 8/10
Energy - 8.5/10

Overall - 16.5/20...the taste is good, but not very unique and the drink works great

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